My System Crashed & My IT Person would Not Call Me

At the time my system crashed, I called the IT person who had installed all my equipment and they didn't return my call till 2 days later. I called several other IT companies, and no one could help us.  I called one of the other Dentist in town and they recommended I call George from Genesis. I will be forever grateful that George dropped what he was doing to come to our office and try to get us up and running again.  He stayed there for hours to figure out what happened and to try and fix our problems. I would highly recommend Genesis Network Group to monitor and back up your system.  Because had we had a backup and monitoring system, we would have eliminated our system crashing and loss of business. George was successful in recovering our hard drive. He went above and beyond to help us.  We would have had to restart over our entire database of 20 years of patient information.  Most importantly all the money we would have lost.

Jaime M. Dr. Jaime Morales

New Azure Server Makes QuickBooks a Breeze

I just wanted to say “thanks” to Mark and his team at Genesis. We asked them to spec and configure an Azure server, then move our QuickBooks system, including all data and users to it. They set the server up flawlessly and quickly and they went above and beyond in making sure all our users were fully operational on the new QB setup. They even worked after hours to ensure accessibility issues were addressed for our employees. They did such a great job, I contracted them a second time to handle backup of all our servers, cloud systems, and Outlook for all our users. They had the entire process running in under a day! Genesis is a fantastic business partner and we’ll be working with them for all our IT needs in the future.

Jim C. ZenTek Consultants

No Matter What Time Of The Day I Called

I am pleased to have this opportunity to describe the experience of working with Genesis Network Group LLC for the past 7 years. The best quality that Genesis Network Group LLC has to offer is not the outstanding performance of their Techs, not the professional and highly knowledgeable expertise of their engineers, or the integrity of their sales department, it is the wonderful personal attention given to all aspects of a project that makes Genesis Network Group LLC stand ahead of the competition. We have worked on many projects over the years and in each and every instance the attention and personal service never failed me. No matter at what time of the day I called I was given outstanding service and personal attention.

Ruth B. National Check Control

My Mac Network Issues Resolved

Thank you for your quick response to my Mac network problem. You really saved the day.

Kristin MC Publishing

Amazing Quick Response Times

What we like most about your services is your quick response to our problems and issues. We would absolutely recommend your service to others.

Paula B. The Bilow Group

All Ways A great Job

You guys are doing a great Job. Keep up the good work.

Angela & Dick Kraissl Co

Frustrated By Our IT Consultant

As we are coming close to the 10-year anniversary of working with Genesis Network Group LLC I and the entire May National staff want to extend our sincere thanks for all the wonderful work you and your staff have done for us. When we contacted you, we were thoroughly frustrated by the IT consultant we had at the time. We had never heard of you before, but you seemed sincere and since you were the middle bid, we decided to give you a chance. This is a decision we are so glad we made. Especially as we hear from others that we do business with how much down time they incur with their systems and what frustrations they endure to get things done. May National was only a 18 million dollar company 10 years ago. We are now at 50 million and we could not have made it that big that fast without a good infrastructure that relies so heavily on its IT system. You have always kept us at the cutting edge for a reasonable cost. Your response in emergency situations is phenomenal. You even kept my head on straight when I couldn’t decide what was best to please everyone here and satisfy all our needs when money was tight. I truly believe we would not be where we are today without your help and support.

Terry G. May National

They Are Here When We Need Them

We have contracted with Genesis Network Group for over 10 years. The service and support that Genesis gives us is excellent. They are here when we need them, and they are very responsive to our needs.

Donna C. Pedimedica Pa

Service Expectations Is Unmatched

The real hallmark of any company are the people who represent it, work hard to make it better, take pride in what they do and always put the clients first above all else and that is my definition of Genesis Network Group, LLC. I rely on them and they always exceed my expectations for SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE- try them and be surprised.

Justin A. Century Pharmacy

Consistent Level Of Professional Support

Our company has multiple offices which operate 6 days a week and require constant IT functionality. Genesis Network Group, LLC provides a consistent level of professional support that is highly skilled, very responsive and thorough. If an emergency occurs, their team responds quickly both during and after working hours. If we need to implement a new IT solution, they work with our management team to analyze, prepare and execute correctly without incurring unnecessary costs or deployment delays. Over the last 2 years they have become a real partner in our success.

Michal F. Pain-Orthopedic Rehabilitation Group

Hassle Free & Convenient

We would say you guys are worth the price. We know we could find much cheaper computers in stores but with the service and quality it’s all worth it. Hassle free and very convenient they do all the necessary work for you. At first, the new process is a bit complicated but the whole team is so patient to explain and guide you. Service-wise, we would recommend Genesis Network Group, LLC from the initial contact, they are hands on. They were there from negotiation, to installation, to service and everything. Always has somebody in the office to answer you. They would extend an extra mile just for you to get what you need.

Frency C. Accurate Mortgage

We Are Not Their Customer But Came To Our Rescue

My experience with Genesis Network Group, LLC has been great. It all started when our old system started to crash, and they came to our rescue even though we were not clients at the time. There was no hesitation or complaints. Of Course, knowing they would be there for us when they didn’t even have to made me very comfortable with going forward in having a new system installed. As far as price is concerned, my experience has shown me that I would rather pay more for excellent service. I have in the past dealt with many cheaper IT Consultants that are happy to install new systems and then are very difficult to find when some glitch needs to be worked out. Genesis Network Group, LLC took the time to make sure they configured our new system to meet our specific needs, which is priceless to me. In addition, they took the time to shop around for the most cost-effective solution for us and arranged a very aggressive lease payment for us.

Mary O. Suburban Title & Abstract, Inc.

I No Longer Worry About Getting Hacked.

Since I was the IT team before I cannot list how many things Genesis does better than I did. Really the best thing is having you cover us which frees me up to concentrate on what’s important to my business…caring for my customers and finding new ones. The number 1 benefit is peace of mind knowing I don’t have to worry who to call when I have an issue, I’ve got a whole team I all so no longer worry about getting hacked, data breaches or dark web issues it is all covered. If you are on the fence, I would say the biggest benefit is having a great responsive team on call. I am not an account number with Genesis, they are my business partner who understands how to keep my business up and running.

Howard Power Lines


As a Real Estate Development and Operation Firm, we understand that downtime can be costly for our business, but Genesis will always prioritize resolving problems swiftly and minimize disruptions.  Their quick turnaround time and effective communication throughout the process is outstanding.  One of the primary benefits is improved security.  Genesis has helped to protect our systems, data, and infrastructure from cyber threats.  These services typically involve implementing robust security measures, monitoring for potential vulnerabilities, and responding promptly to any security incidents.  Expertise and Experience is very important and choosing GENESIS is the Greatest solution.   They bring a Wealth of Experience to the table!

Eden Oster Properties


Hands down Genesis has always made time for us, and sometimes during the worst possible times. Genesis has always been there to help so we have never missed a deadline.  Genesis is responsive with quality work, not to mention excellent pricing.

Susan George W. Wright & Associates


The biggest benefit from working with Genesis is that we have been keeping our employees working in their primary responsibilities.  In the past, many of our IT issues used to be handled by an office administrator leading to frustration for the admin and caused more down time for employees who needed assistance. I think there is a general understanding of budgetary constraints.  I’ve always been able to work through multiple solutions to an issue at different price points to fit our budget.  As a small business, we must be very mindful of how we spend our capital and Genesis has always been very helpful working through that process with us.   I think you must look at IT services as an investment in your business.  Any money I have ever spent on IT services with Genesis has always come back to me in the form of increased productivity.  Pay the money to have the system set up correctly, the staff on-call to offer service when needed, and have your employees stay focused on doing their jobs.

Kevin Willow Street


Genesis provides us with peace of mind knowing that our computers and security systems are monitored daily.  Genesis always answers our questions, and they address all our issues in a quick and professional manner.  They are spot on with the latest Technology and Privacy information.  We are so pleased with Genesis Network Group and all their entire staff!

Linda Weinstein & Weinstein, PC


The biggest benefit to our company is that Genesis is extremely knowledgeable, competent, reliable, and efficient.   Pricing is also very reasonable.  Communication and response time from Genesis staff is always fast, which is much appreciated because our systems are critical to the job function.

Tara Clinton Township Sewerage Authority


Genesis Network Group is so easy to get a hold of and is always available when we need assistance.  Their quick response time is better than any other IT firm we have worked with in the past.  They are patient when dealing with our many questions.

Kerrie Willow Street Partners


Genesis is always there when we need assistance; whether to come to our office in person, answer questions, or resolve any issue we may be having.  Genesis is reliable as well.

Cindy Northeast Labor Law


Genesis is a no muss, no fuss company.  It is exactly what I want and need in an IT company.  Since Genesis has taken over my IT and has been managing my network and security needs, I have had very few IT related problems.  When a rare problem occurs, I notify Genesis and it is fixed and resolved immediately.  Genesis is completely and expeditiously responsive.

David David Scillieri Law Firm


Their Onboard Monitoring tools are warm and fuzzy that each and every one of our computers are protected daily. Genesis Network Group is never quick to get unnerved, even if we contact them in short order.  They are attentive to our needs whenever we reach out.  This is very comforting in the IT world when at any time you may need assistance.

Dave Humdingers


Since Genesis has taken over our IT and has been managing our security and network needs, we have benefited from the speed with which the problems have been fixed.  The communication that Genesis provides has been better than any other IT company has offered.

Cnris Globe Footwear, Corp.


Genesis staff are kind and never make me feel bad even when it may be something I should have been able to figure out myself without calling. I do not have to worry about all the little things that bogged me down regarding IT issues, such as license renewals, troubleshooting things I had only minimal knowledge of.  If anyone is on the fence about choosing Genesis Network Group as your IT company, look no further.  I will say that I do not trust anyone else to oversee my IT equipment and issues.

Sharon Chestnut Street Community Church


Since we have been with Genesis, there is the ease of knowing we are protected against just about anything.  We have 0 viruses and 0 issues with backup and updates.  We have never worked with another company, and we would not change something that is not broken.  We have been with Genesis for over 30 years and are still going.  You will be 100% satisfied, protected, and have an ally for life.   No matter what happens, they come running in and go the extra mile to get you back and running.  During Super Storm Sandy in 2012, the company would have had to shut down if it was not for Genesis Network Group jumping and assisting us.

Karen OJ Tank Truck Wash, Inc.


Genesis staff always resolves any issue we may have promptly, answers our questions quickly, in a timely manner.  The team at Genesis is extremely knowledgeable and quick to respond.   They are patient and understanding since I am not the savviest user.  Genesis always knows what my problem is, and they are always able to remedy the situation.    If you are looking for a professional team that is patient and considers that their clients are the most important asset, then you have made the right choice by utilizing their services.

Doradean Loccke, Correia & Bukosky


Genesis Network Group is always responsive to our needs.  These guys know their stuff and if they don’t, they work tirelessly to provide us with the right answers on behalf of their customers.

Rocco ZenTek Consultants


Our company benefits from Genesis’ prompt, reliable resolution of IT problems with no or minimal interruption of work.

George W Wright, LLC


Genesis deals with the troubleshooting and maintenance of our computers, while we are busy serving our own clients.  We can work with our clients and do not have to waste time dealing with any computer problems.  In comparison to other IT firms, Genesis is very prompt in fixing any problems that we may have.  We can serve our clients while Genesis is right there helping us to resolve any issue.

Debbie Weinstein & Weinstein


Genesis has a prompt service for our IT needs, even though we are a very small office.  Mark has always listened to our needs and recommends services based on that.  He is also very generous with his time on the phone with his professional advice.  Genesis Network Group has been the best thing.

Reva Kean Federation of Teachers


Genesis Network Group has a team that is more knowledgeable and will look at all avenues before giving up and try to just replace things before really thinking it through.  Responsiveness and attention to our needs is given in an expedient manner.  The managed care solutions helped prevent us from coming into an environment where we can’t work and having people sitting around waiting for things to be fixed.  Reduction in lost time increases efficiency.  Give Genesis a try, you will be pleasantly surprised as there are not many companies out there anymore that truly know what they are doing and have a staff that knows the meaning of true customer service.  What could be better than that?

Terry O’Neil Contracting


Genesis Network Group has saved us on IT Support, trouble shooting, and security has been significant, far outweigh their fees.   They have saved us hundreds of dollars each month on server and support costs by implementing and managing all our Azure cloud needs.  Genesis is extraordinarily responsive and willing to take time to research unexpected issues, even going so far as to interact directly with software tech support on our behalf. I don’t even need to open the cases or sit on hold anymore. Genesis handles all that for us. No other IT firm I’ve worked with before has put in that level of effort. Go with Genesis, they’re the most responsive and conscientious IT firm you’re going to find. I never wait more than 10-15 minutes for a reply, and they handle all issues I throw at them, whether it’s IT or software related.

Jim Zentek Consultants


That is a huge benefit to our business. Genesis is a small company but employs caring employees who want to help. I don't feel like we get pushed aside for a much larger client you may have. You treat all clients the same. I feel it's a fact that when we do have urgent issues, Genesis always has an answer and if you don't, your staff researches and comes back to us with the best solutions available. Your response time is very fast, which is important when we have a major issue that impacts day-to-day operations. Staff are very friendly, kind, respectful, and know how to ask for a lot of details when taking a call that they may have to pass along. Staff also all has a very positive attitude, in my opinion, and are also very honest when telling us if they can solve our problems or the person passes it along to someone who can. We love the fact that you're local and can show up in the office very quickly if we need. Genesis Network Group will go above and beyond to help PMRI.

Marisa Paramus Medical Imaging

Genesis Network Group Is Very Attentive To Our Needs

The single biggest benefit to our practice since Genesis Network Group has taken over our Network is the feeling of being secure. What Genesis does better than other IT firms is their attentiveness to our issues. If someone was to ask us about choosing an IT firm, we would recommend Genesis Network Group.

Dr K. Smile Design Dental

Trustworthy, Reliable, & Pleasant To Work With

One of the single biggest benefits to our practice since moving to Genesis Network Group is they are very innovative in software solutions, have created ways outside of the box to help us troubleshoot IT as we expand the business. A very responsive and personable team is what they do better then other IT firms. If you were on the fence about choosing a IT firm I would say they are trustworthy and reliable. They are very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.

Maria True Dental Care